Top 5 Gifts for New Mums (The 5 New Baby Gifts I Loved)


1. A Scrapbook. Such a thoughtful gift to receive, I am using mine to document some of the boys’ first memories. With little time on my hands, I rarely upload photos to the computer so found a fantastic app makes this project very doable. I order my prints from LALALAB (who also do gift boxes, photo books and more). Then it’s simply a case of gluing the prints in and adding a little journalling to each page. Check them out on the AppStore. (Safari Park Stitched Scrapbook, £14, Paperchase)

2. Swaddles. These came from a lovely friend who had used them with her two daughters and highly recommended them. I think that, in turn, she also gave us the gift of sleep – and what new parent doesn’t want more of that?! You simply place baby inside and zip them up and the stretchy fabric gently hugs them as they sleep – no fiddly wrapping of blankets and no breaking out! My boys sleep comfortably for 3-5 hour stretches and have done since we began using them at around 5 weeks. (Comfort & Harmony Perfect Peanut Swaddle, £12.99, Boots)


3. Gigantic Muslins. These lovely muslins are 120cm square, super soft and come in gorgeous prints! They have been with us just about everywhere and come in so handy. They make perfect blankets for summertime naps or car seat journeys. They provide a safe, clean play mat for baby groups and can easily be stashed in the shopping basket of the pram. (Baby Boden Soft Muslin Blankets, £25, Boden. London Town/Car print no longer listed, but other designs are available)

4. Bibs. Bibs in any shape or form have been very welcome in this house as I totally underestimated how many we would use each day! I had bought waterproof-backed ones previously, but much prefer these, which have a soft, absorbent, towelling back. (5 Pack Pure Cotton Assorted Bibs, £7, Marks & Spencer)


5. A Special Keepsake. I am very sentimental and have saved lots of things related to the boys’ first weeks of life – their hospital wristbands, cot labels and first outfits to name a few. I received these beautiful wooden blocks a week or so after the boys were born, thoughtfully packaged in a blue organza bag. They look perfect perched on a shelf in the nursery. (Personalised Baby Keepsake Space Building Blocks, from £5, Not on the High Street)


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