3 Simple Pleasures From My Week

  1. Something new for dinner. There is so little time to cook nowadays, but with autumn well and truly on its way, I thought it about time to get the slow cooker out again. We’ve been rotating the same basic meals for weeks so it was time to shakes things up. I’ve started a Recipes board on my Pinterest page for inspiration, looking for meals with no pre-cooking, and little preparation. Today I tested out “Quick and Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Curry”. It was really simple and tasty! I chose to use coconut milk and also added some chopped spinach for an iron boost.


2. One baby-free hour with a hot drink and my laptop. My husband sent me out at lunchtime on Tuesday with strict instructions not to return for an hour! I headed to Costa and just enjoyed a bit of quiet time to gather my thoughts.


3. Sleepy cuddles with one of my boysAhhh, what can be more soothing than a lovely warm bundle falling asleep on your shoulder? I had to snap a quick selfie with Mr D, as before I know it the day will come when mama cuddles are no longer required.


What simple pleasures have you enjoyed this week? 

Also, if you have a great slow cooker recipe to share, do let me know!


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