What We Play With – 3 Months Old


1 – Lamaze Flutterbug– The boys were given this when they were born and I’m sure it will get a lot of use. At the moment they just enjoy looking at it and I help them to grab the rings. When the rings are pulled the toy vibrates. There are lots of colours, patterns and textures to discover and the flutterbug is a great size to clip onto the pram or car seat. (£10.89, Argos)

2 – Set of 6 Coloured Scarves – I got the idea to buy these from a baby group. It is such a simple thing but the babies just love them! I throw them in the air so they can watch them float down, or drape them across their faces and hands, saying the colour names! (£6.99, Amazon)

3 – Chad Valley Set of 4 Activity Cubes – The babies can’t really interact with these on their own yet, but they are nice and soft and I build towers in front of them (or sometimes, stack them on their tummies)! The cubes are nice and bright and each one has a letter, a number, a shape and an animal on. (£6.99, Argos)

4 – Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Baby Play Gym This is a great playmat with plenty to see and do. The toys that hang from the frame include a mirror, rattle and a spinning toy. In one corner there is a ‘scrunchy’ leaf for baby to kick. Hanging from the centre are two butterflies, and above them, two lights that flash. The gym also has music and rainforest sounds at two volume levels. My boys have enjoyed lying on the playmat since around 6 weeks of age, and now at nearly 4 months they beginning to discover that they can interact with the toys. (£51.99, Boots)

5 – Lamaze Activity Spiral – This spiral is perfect for either taking out and about or playing with at home. It can easily be stretched across a crib or through the bars, or wrapped around a car seat handle. My boys seem to really like the friendly faces of the cat and lion! (£12.99, kiddicare.com)

6 – Lamaze Purring Percival – (Last from this range, promise!) Another thoughtful gift, this toy makes a gently purring sound as you rock him from side to side. Like the other Lamaze animal toys, Percival has a friendly face the babies love to see, and I’m sure the teething beads will be useful in future! (£10.99, Amazon)

7 – Chad Valley Activity Triangle – I bought this at the same time as the cubes because the boys had ‘played’ with something similar at a baby group we go to.  It’s amazing how so many functions fit on one toy! The corner pillars are all some sort of rattle. There are things to spin, beads to push, and even a mirror on the end. I either prop the babies up so that they can see/touch this toy, or lay it to the side of them when they are on their backs. Such good value! (£6.95, Argos)

What games do/did you play with your young babies?


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