Our Twin Nursery – The Picture Wall

 The Picture Wall


The picture wall is one of my favourite parts of the nursery, as it started off with three frames and has been added to since the boys were born.

“The Perfect Summer’s Day” framed print. My husband bought me this for my birthday a couple of years ago and its place was in the living room until a few weeks ago when it moved upstairs! I love the vintage appeal of this brand, and the colours seem to complement our scheme really well. Available mounted and/or framed from Belle & Boo


“Woodland” I designed this paper cut myself and had it brought to life by a laser cutting company. I love how it looks in the ‘floating’ perspex frame.


“Let’s Look at the Stars with Wonder” This is another of my own designs that I had giclee printed. The inks are beautifully rich and vivid.


A lovely gift from friends, the prints spell out the boys’ names and are illustrated with animals. Beneath are their name meanings and birth statistics. These, plus lots of other great gifts and personalised stationery are available from FrameMyName.

“Garden Birds” by John Dilnot. I bought this print while on holiday in Whitstable. Much of John’s work centres around British wildlife, which I love. I knew as soon as I saw this print that I had to buy it! See more of John’s prints and a list of stockists on his website


I picked up this frame from the Fleetville Vintage Emporium just outside St Albans. I think the butterfly is a Menelaus Blue Morpho and its iridescent wings are truly stunning. The emporium is a treasure trove of all things vintage, from furniture and clothes to records and books, and everything in between! Well worth a visit if you are in the area!


What’s on the wall in your nursery/children’s room? Do you have any favourite pieces?

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A Sweet Lullaby

Jackie Oates – Waiting for the Lark

While browsing music as I settled the boys down for the night, I typed ‘lullaby’ into the search and came across this song, which completely stopped me in my tracks. I’m no music maven but I was enchanted by Jackie’s velvety voice and the less-is-more arrangement. I think I could fall asleep to this, never mind the babies!

Listen on YouTube

Read more about Jackie and her music here.

Words of Wisdom Wednesday


Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, particularly if you feel you are just going through the motions, doing the same thing day in, day out. But a little tweak in thinking can turn things around. Words can be so powerful! At the start of each new day is possibility – who knows what great things are just around the corner?

What inspires you to think positively?

Baby Boy Clothes for Autumn – Woodland Theme


My love for a woodland theme doesn’t stop at the nursery, it extends to clothes too! Here are just a few clothing items that look lovely for the cooler weather!

1 – Fox Striped Jumper, £16-£17, John Lewis

2 – Ajay Applique Shirt, from £16.00, Monsoon

3 – Star Patch Cord Trousers, £20-£22, Mini Boden

4 – Pure Cotton Dribble Bibs, £6.00, Marks & Spencer

5 – Wolf Leggings, £6.99, Zara

6 – Dungaree & Stripy Top Set, £16, John Lewis

What will you be dressing your kids in for Autumn, do you have your eye on anything new?

6 Embarrassing Mummy-isms (And you swore parenthood wouldn’t change you…)


You add extra syllables to words. I don’t know why. You just do. It’s not a monkey, it’s a monkey-monk. It’s not a duck, it’s a duck duck. Milk becomes milkie. You get the idea.

You come up with overly cutesy nicknames for your baby that you wouldn’t dare use in public. But how can you help it if your baby just IS the snuffliest snuggliest tickly wickly sweetie pops in the whole entire world?

You talk about yourself in the third person. “Mummy is just washing her hands”, “Mummy is just going to clean the sick off of your ear”, “Mummy’s just asking Dr Google if your poo really should be that colour”…You’ll be sick of the sound of your own voice, you really will.

In the name of entertainment, you will look like a fool. Trying to catch a cry before it starts may mean marching up and down alongside your baby singing ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ complete with over enunciation and overenthusiastic arm movements.

Nursery rhymes are your new ear worm. Forget the Top 40, you can’t get these things out of your head. You will find yourself humming them, muttering them… or worse, rapping them and rewriting the words in a more adult way. Incy Wincy Spider becomes ‘Monster B*stard Spider’, for example. Just don’t share those lyrics with the rest of your baby group…

You tell lies for reasons you could never have invented. “Oh” someone says, “Is that cradle cap?” “Yes it is, I’ve literally tried everything” you reply, as you surreptitiously brush the rest of your morning croissant flakes from your baby’s head.

Tell me I’m not alone in my madness?!


5 Things I’ve Learnt – Surviving the First Three Months with Twins


The first three months as a mum of two has been a wonderful time, of course, but it’s also been a huge adjustment responding to the round-the-clock needs and learning each baby’s likes and dislikes, while trying to keep some sense of self. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned.

You can’t do it all and you can’t feel bad about that fact. With the best will in the world, and even with all the bouncers/swings/rockers you can afford, you just can’t. Sometimes one baby has to cry for a little bit whilst you are doing something else. Sometimes both have to – the bottles won’t wash themselves and some things are non-negotiable – like a daily shower (even if it is only 5 minutes to feel human again). It may sound harsh but there is nothing more you can do than your best.

Don’t feel too guilty about the little shortcuts that make life easier. The newborn stage is not forever – so if you need to have the odd takeaway to give you time to work on the mountain of laundry, do it.

Plan ahead. As confident as I began to feel taking the boys out and about, it really helps to get organised beforehand. Not only do you have to pack a changing bag for two and no doubt manoeuvre a huge pram in and out of the car, but all the places you used to frequent are now a new experience with two babies tagging along. If you are heading to a shopping centre, for example (and especially if you are going it alone), it will be ten times more manageable if you can snag a parent and child parking bay. And it’s handy to know where the best changing facilities are, should you need them.

Get out for fresh air every day. Sometimes you may not feel like it when you’re running low on sleep and it takes so long to get ready, but it can make the world of difference. People find twins fascinating and will always stop to talk to you. Yes, you may have to grit your teeth and smile when you hear the same old clichés over and over, but you’ll never tire of people telling you how beautiful your babies are and how well you’re doing for getting out of the house!

And finally –

Some things you just can’t do on your own and you only find out through experience. I discovered this when the car needed refuelling for the first time after my husband returned to work. I didn’t like the idea of leaving the children locked in the car whilst I dashed to pay. Nor did I feel it would be safe to unload them and traipse across the forecourt. I even telephoned all the local service stations to see if any of them offered a ‘pay at pump’ service. None of them did. (In the end, I went to the quietest garage, parked at the pump nearest the pay point and was very quick, but since then I have only filled up when someone else is with me!)

It is hard at times, and I never shy away from admitting that when asked. But the difficulty is overshadowed when you experience the huge sense of pride that goes along with nourishing and nurturing not one, but two small babies!

Our Twin Nursery – How it Began

I had the idea of a woodland theme quite early on in the pregnancy (and too early to begin decorating!) And so began a Pinterest frenzy to keep me busy in the interim, resulting in a mood board for inspiration!


After measuring up, we realised that it would only really be feasible for the twins to have the master bedroom. This meant we would have more flexibility with layout, so we cleared out, replastered and began with a blank canvas!


Watch this space for future posts on how we got on!